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Dental Access Plan

Save 15 - 50% with the plan powered by the Aetna Dental Access network

Best Value!

$20 non-refundable
processing fee applied to initial payment
  • Save on cleanings, dentures, root canals, crowns - even orthodontics!
  • Include parents, adult children or anyone living in your household
  • You can cancel in 30 days and receive a full refund, less your processing fee
  • Includes Free Vision Plan
  • Monthly Payment Option Available with $30 non-refundable processing fee:
  • 1 Members: $9.95
  • 2 Members: $14.95
  • 3+ Members: $17.95

See Estimated Discounted Rates in Your Area

Procedure Average1 Price Estimate with Dental Access2 You Save
Oral Exam $87 $30 66% off
Full Mouth X-Ray $141 $76 47% off
Cleaning $107 $59 45% off
Filling (amalgam, 1 surface) $147 $80 46% off
Porcelain Crown (ADA Code 2752) $1111 $757 32% off
Root Canal (ADA Code 3310) $764 $455 41% off
Complete Upper or Lower Denture $1850 $901 52% off
Simple Extraction (ADA Code 7140) $184 $83 55% off

1 The select regional average cost represents the average fees for the procedures listed above in Los Angeles, Orlando, Chicago and New York City as displayed in the Estimate Cost of Care Tool as of August 2018
2 Only applicable on procedures performed by a general dentist. Actual costs and savings may vary by provider, service and geographic location. The average cost is the average of the negotiated fees for the cities referenced above.

This is NOT insurance. Participants must pay health care providers directly. You will have access to discounted services and in most instances, you can save 15% to 50% per visit on everything from general dentistry to root canals, crowns and orthodontia at over 158,000* available dental practice locations nationwide. Actual discounts will vary based on the geographic location of the dental provider and the services provided.

Careington provides access to Aetna Dental Access® Network. This network is administered by Aetna Life Insurance Company (ALIC). Neither ALIC nor any of its affiliates offers or administers the Careington membership. Neither ALIC nor any of its affiliates is an affiliate, agent, representative or employee of Careington International Corporation. Dental providers are independent contractors and not employees or agents of ALIC or its affiliates. ALIC does not provide dental care or treatment and is not responsible for outcomes. Careington International Corporation: 7400 Gaylord PKWY, Frisco, TX 75034, 1-800-290-0523.

*Dental Counts as of July 2018 Aetna Enterprise Provider Database.

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What people are saying

"Took my son to the dentist today, it was only $103 for everything. Before I would have paid over $300!" Janet
"I have saved an incredible amount of money...about 50% each visit. For under $10/month it's a bargain!" Dave
"I saved over $1,000 with this plan.Thank you so much!" Blanca

Plan Advantages: Dental Access

Pay Less For Major and Minor Procedures
  • Save 15% to 50% on exams, cleanings, dentures, root canals, crowns & more
  • Dentures available at huge savings
Low Cost Membership
  • Plans start at just $99.00 a year.
Added Advantages
  • Include your parents and other family members.
  • Orthodontics included at no extra cost
EyeMed Vision Care Included At No Extra Cost
  • Includes over 40,000 participating locations nationwide, including:
    Target® Optical, LensCrafters®, Pearle Vision®, Sears® Optical, and many more.
  • Savings of 20% to 40% off the retail price of eyewear
  • Unlimited frequency on usage
  • Choice of any available frame
  • Laser vision correction savings
  • Includes eye exams, contact lenses, frames, lenses and add-ons
Get MedImpact Prescription Discount Plan FREE
  • Over 57,000 participating pharmacies nationwide, including CVS, Walmart Pharmacy, Walgreens Pharmacy and many others
  • Save 15%-60% on generic prescription drugs, 15%-25% on name-brand drugs from the nation's leading pharmacies
  • Mail Order Pharmacy - Convenience and savings
  • Also receive discounts on over-the-counter medication with a written prescription from a prescriber
  • Average more on your maintenance medications using our convenient mail service
  • Prescription discount plan is currently unavailable in the state of Washington.